Empowering Indigenous Community Members and Employee Partners

Building connections, supporting growth, and fostering improved well-being through Indigenous-led programs.

Odeiwin is dedicated to supporting Indigenous community members and organizations in creating thriving outcomes.

Our programs focus on cultural preservation, education, leadership development, and improving overall well-being with Indigenous ways of knowing. 

Join us as we look to improve education, employment, and socioeconomic outcomes.

Let’s Thrive Together!

Building connections, 

Building connections, fostering growth, and promoting well-being through Indigenous-led programs

We provide Indigenous-led experiential workshops, innovative skills training, mentorship, and leadership development designed to support you along your path. 

Odeiwin Foundation

Odeiwin is a federally registered Indigenous-led not-for-profit organization founded in the under-served York Region community and positively impacting community members and organizations across southwestern Ontario.

We are focused on decreasing education, and employment barriers for our Indigenous community while creating safe spaces that foster pathways to truth and reconciliation for all.


To improve community well-being with Indigenous ways of knowing.


To create an ecosystem of partnerships providing vital programs and services that foster socioeconomic growth while ensuring a continued connection to our community,  culture and ceremony.​

Odeiwin: Connect

Creating safe spaces for elders, ​knowledge keepers, and community members to share, listen, learn, and heal together with indigenous ways of knowing.

Odeiwin: Learn

Providing innovative skills training and employment ​support programs for Indigenous learners in Canada in partnership with Google

Odeiwin: Lead

​Supporting Indigenous community members with mentorship, leadership development and coach training in partnership with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. 


Odeiwin: Create

Establishing an innovative ecosystem of programs and support for indigenous entrepreneurs in York region and across southwestern Ontario.

Odeiwin’s learning programs are made possible through the support of our partners:




York Region, Ontario

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